Our Projects

  • Flagship Projects:

    1. VAMA: It is believed that once the women of the house is educated, she will enrich and uplift the whole family. TMNP VAMA Project is focusing exactly on this. We identify and nurture Gifted girls in the age group of 14 to 16 years to become future flagbearers of the society. This project is mainly conducted girls schools and is highly successful in places like Kanya Shala, Wai, Maharashtra and Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha, Pune.
    2. YUVA: With a focus on the Gifted youth, TMNP YUVA is a wonderful platform for the young adults to express and explore their talents. Poster projects focusing on academic, health and social issues, Brain storming sessions etc are the core of this project. Being Human foundation has wholeheartedly supported this initiative and help spread it to many schools in Lonavala and Pune region.
    3. MAHINDRA: TMNP has partnered with Mahindra to identify and nurture the Gifted children in the rural areas of Kuruli, Kharabvadi, Talegaon, Bhamboli, and Chakan. This project was launched on 2013 and since then almost 5000 children were screened and more than 500 have been identified as Gifted. These children have been handed over TMNP Workbooks and undergone the nurturing program. Mahindra and TMNP are working hand in hand to ensure a real change and raise better leaders for tomorrow from these remote areas.
    4. PAVANA
    5. PALI: In western Maharashtra, the village of Pali is eagerly waiting for TMNP! We have conducted the Mensa screening test and identified 45 Gifted children. We have handed over a set of workbooks to these children and are eagerly waiting for funds to start our Nurturing Program. A sincere appeal to Corporates and

  • Enhancing programs:

    1. Bal Yogesh: Under this project, gifted students will learn Yoga and how to teach Yoga. They will be trained in basic Yoga Philosophy and Asanas. The syllabus includes 32 Asanas, introduction to basic Pranayama techniques along with the basic introduction to Yoga Philosophy. The intervention is for two months and in all 8 sessions of two hours each. After completion of Yoga Intervention, a small examination will be conducted and Yoga Parichaya Certificate will be given to each candidate.
    2. Gifted Counseling
    3. Study Skills
    4. Eco Tours
    5. Residential Workshops
    6. Scholarships: TMNP Gifted children come from the rural and underprivileged sections of the society. In many cases, the children want to pursue their formal education but are unable to do so due to lack of funds. TMNP Scholarship programs are available for such students. Their education fees and cost of books are partly or fully paid through this program. The students are in constant touch with our mentors to help them complete their education with best possible results. Sometimes we are not able to realize what we are able to give is so little, but which can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Scholarships are the best example of this.
    7. Tribal Teacher Training Program: Understanding and handling of gifted children’s needs is an ongoing task and for a better result, we need support from the school staff. To tackle this issue, we have developed the Tribal Teacher Training Module with the help of Manas Tatva. The training has in all 12 contact hours in three months. It is divided in Orientation, Training & Follow up. Along with this training each teacher gets individual counseling session, if required.