Let’s Listen

01 TMNP Gifted Interview Series Preface

02 My Gifts Are For Everyone-Dr Usha Khire

03 The Gifted Explorer – Mrs. Shilpa Kulkarni

04 Gifted Parenting- Mrs Vandana Singhal

05 TMNP The Gifted Energies Spirit- Ishaani Sawant

06 A Teachers Take On Giftedness- Veena Kulkarni

07 Unexplored Gifted Logic- Mrs Priyanka Shetti

08 Parenting The Gifted- Mrs Mehta

09 TMNP Creative Giftedness- Mr. Prasana Chafekar

10 TMNP The Gifted Confidence- Shruti Jahagirdar

11 Teaching The Gifted- Learning With Them- Mrs. Madhuri Chitevan

12 Gifted Talent – Music Words – Mr. Akshay Kulkarni

13 Mensa- TMNP Exploring Oneself – Mr.Rohan Shetti

14 TMNP Journey Of A Gifted Idea – Mr. Rahul Bendre

15 The Gifted Ladder To Success -Mrs. Anuja Date

16 They Are Gifted – Parental Acceptance – Mr. Vipin Nair

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Ayurvedic Lifestyle Part 3

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Part 4