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“I am a problem solver! I often have new perspectives. I connect the dots. I seek reason & logic”

Inspired by the Raven’s Progressive Matrices a new, innovative, IRT-based online adaptive test, the Scrambled Adaptive Matrices (SAM) has been developed and used in talent identification projects both in educational and work settings with more than 15 000 participants

IQ Testing

Important Things to know:

  • For taking the online test, kindly register through TMNP online portal.
  • The online portal is equipped to register for single/multiple students who wish to take the test.
  • Kindly complete the registration as well as payment for the test, instructions for which are provided at each step in the process.
  • After the registration, user credentials will be sent to your registered email address.
  • The payment invoice will be sent to the registered email once the payment is successfully processed.
  • Link for the test will be provided to you within 24 to 48 hours of registration.
  • Please remember to take the test within 365 days to avoid the link expiry.
  • Please make sure to have a constant and stable internet connection for registration with payment and while taking the test.
  • Prepare your computer for an uninterrupted working session like a plug-in to the power supply.
  • Have an empty and fresh mind for taking the test. A good time would be in the morning.
  • Sit in a peaceful environment. Make sure you are not disturbed by anyone while taking the test.
  • Kindly switch of

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